Foster care means opening you heart and home to a child who has been taken away from their parents due to a case of abuse or neglect.
There are over 13,000 children in Michigan’s foster care system.



“We did not realize foster parenting was a way for ordinary people to make an extraordinary difference in the children’s lives.” – Dana, Child Safe Parent

Foster Parent Orientation

For information on attending orientation or licensing requirements call Melissa Covell at 248-554-6425 or email her at MCovell@childsafemichigan.org

More Information

To talk to a licensed foster parent about the experience, please call Melissa Covell at 248-554-6425 or feel free to email her at MCovell@childsafemichigan.org.


The initial goal of foster care is to return the children home. At Child Safe Michigan we work with biological parents to see if they can turn their lives around and provide a safe, loving and stable home environment for their child(ren). If this is not possible, the child may become available for adoption. Adoption is a permanent home for children once parental rights have been terminated by the courts.

Every foster care case is different. Foster parents may have their foster kids for a week, month, a year, two years or more. Some foster parents decide to permanently adopt their foster child if the option becomes available while some foster parents simply want to be a temporary placement. There is no “normal” or “average” in foster care.

If a child in your care becomes available for adoption and you have met the criteria to adopt the recommendation may be for you to adopt. We have a department that specializes in adoption and will help you in that situation.

Yes! Child Safe Michigan does not discriminate and welcomes everyone!

Yes, the State of Michigan requirements do not mandate that foster parents own their home. However, your home must meet the guidelines outlined by the state.

Foster parents do not get paid to take children. Foster parents are reimbursed by the State of Michigan for expenses associated with foster parenting including room, board and clothing.

Absolutely! Foster parents who work full time and have children who are not of school age can be reimbursed for daycare expenses if the daycare is a state licensed facility.

You can send an email to fostercare@childsafemichigan.org or call 248-353-0921. We look forward to helping you make an extraordinary difference in the life of a child.

We understand that being a foster parent is not for everyone. There are other ways you can help! You can become a mentor, volunteer or donate.