Read the joys of being a foster parent, right from the source.

Dana O’Farrell – Child Safe Michigan Foster & Adoptive Parent

“We did not realize foster parenting was a way for ordinary people to make an extraordinary difference in the children’s lives.”

Barbara Lucido, Child Safe Michigan Foster Parent

“When people ask me why I would want to be a foster parent, there is a quote that comes to mind. It is “The instinct of every woman to love most her own child, and to make any child that needs her love, her own” For me, it is as simple as that.”

Danielle Warner, Child Safe Michigan Foster Parent

“Our Child Safe Michigan Social Worker, Eric, is so patient and understanding. If I have a question he is there to make sure I get answers. When my parents had questions about what we were doing, he came out to our house and sat down and answered every single question they had. The best part about Eric is that he makes you feel like family and he is easy to talk to. He is a very kind person all around. Everything Eric has done for our family has meant the world to us.”