The real life impact of our mentoring program.

Mary and Paul Sokol, Child Safe Michigan Foster Parents

“We cannot express what the Child Safe Michigan mentoring program has done for our family. We fostered Dakota from October 2011 until we adopted her in May 2013. As retirees, we knew there would be challenges and our goal was to give Dakota a safe and happy home, providing what we could to help her reach her full potential. We knew that Dakota needed more support with younger role modeling and trust. Child Safe has been a godsend in finding the best fit possible for our precious gift in Scottie Magro. The connection between Dakota and Scottie was instant and a bond has developed that we are sure will last a lifetime. Thank you Child Safe Michigan, from the bottom of our hearts.”

Dakota Sokol, Child Safe Michigan Mentee

“I have the best and the most wonderful Mentor. I am so happy to have Scottie in my life. I want Scottie to be my mentor for my whole life.”

Anita, Child Safe Michigan Mentee

“My mentor Heidi and I have been matched in the Child Safe Michigan Mentoring Program for over 6 years. She is such a great person, she is like another mother that I have in my life. She has been there through my ups and downs without judgement. My experience with Child Safe has been great! They have provided a loving and caring support system for me and my son. They are wonderful!”

Paria Payrovi, Child Safe Michigan Mentor

“My experience with Child Safe Michigan Mentoring has truly been a rewarding one! I feel grateful that I am able to give a piece of my heart, time and mind to someone that needs it, and that I get to have fun while doing it too! I encourage anyone who wants to give back to their community, has some wisdom to share, and love to give, to consider mentoring a foster child. My mentee and this experience has definitely enriched my life and I’m forever grateful for that.”

Bob White, Child Safe Michigan Mentor

“My 2 ½ years of mentoring has been a very rewarding experience. My mentee and I have developed a special relationship over that time. To hear him tell me I have been a positive influence on his life has been very humbling and gratifying. I’m looking forward to continuing to grow our relationship in the coming years.”

Alisha, Child Safe Michigan Mentee

“I am very glad the Child Safe Michigan program connected me with my mentor! She has made the last 5 years of my life so amazing!”